2020 - interactive pavilion

OUR SANDBOX is an interactive pavilion that raises awareness about the highly precious (building) material sand.

It is a 4x4x4 meter standalone cube, built from raw concrete, with a floor covered in sand. The inside is illuminated by black light which immerses the visitors in a magical space. Four brooms are leaning on the walls, offering to be used by the visitor to sweep away the sand. Under the sand, an infographic about sand, what it is needed for, its shortage, and the environmental impact of its harvesting, is printed with UV colour: Visitors can thereby bring the discussion about sand to the light.

The scenery is accompanied by a four-channel spatial sound loop. The sound is created only by using sand as an instrument, played by hand, which creates a calm and harmonic feeling. Whenever one of the brooms is used, a second soundtrack is faded in. That second track consists of the sharp sounds that are produced during sand harvesting, sand manufacturing, concrete manufacturing, and recordings of confrontations with the Indian sand Mafia. Each of the four brooms is connected to one of the four corners and therefore controls the sound of one speaker.

OUR SANDBOX - prototype video

Online Exhibition: summaery2020 remote


summaery2020 remote, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, 30.7.-02.8. 2020