NOTHING EXISTS INDEPENDENTLY - how trees communicate

2021 - responsive intervention and webAR experience for public spaces

The intervention is an urban landmark that creates a meeting ground and relaxation zone. It makes the connection and communication of trees perceivable and engages urbanites to learn about the interdependency of the human world with the non-human world.
The installation is first of all a multi-sensory urban experience and placemaking project. But it also is a call to discuss how we treat our forests, as we need to consider the complexity we live in - socially and ecologically.

NOTHING EXISTS INDEPENDENTLY - how trees communicate is a proposal for the MediaArchitecture Biennale 2020 #FuturesImplied and is nominated for a student award in the category "More-Than-Human Cities".

project teaser


MAB Student Awards, online exhibition, Media Architecture Biennale 2020 #FuturesImplied, 2021
Holz macht Sachen! Holz, Baum, Wald und Du?, travel exhibition, Maihingen, 13.06. - 24.10.21