Tür zur Freiheit (Door to Freedom)

2016 - fairy tale, short 20'

Tür zur Freiheit is a fairy tale about refugees. A little boy goes on a journey. His father says that there will be a treasure at the end of the voyage. He gives him a compass and three magical things: wood, metal and glass.

writer, director: Jeremias Bayerl
director of photography: Patrick Kamalzadeh
executive producer: Bianca Weber
composer and sounddesigner: Julia Grall
opener: Lisa Arzberger, Sophie Zentner


Winner - Fine Cut Festival of Films
Audience Award Winner - Timisoara Refugee Art Film Festival 2017

Official Selections

The American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase France 2017
Court Métrage – Short Film Corner, Festival De Cannes 2017
IFFC Film Festival India 2017
2nd Anyang International Youth Film Festival 2017